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It was a cold September morning the air filled my lungs I opened my eyes and let out a breath of warm air . As I got up I look out side my frost covered window to see children happily running around .I smiled and begun to walk into the kitchen to get some food . There was an apple so grabbed it, and ran out side. It was good at first . But I felt like something was about to happen . I don't know what though all the rushing thoughts what is wrong .what could it be. QUESTIONS!      

I just don't know what to think . I'll just go on my  routine thought. 

So I went to the cafe and ordered a bagel and some coffee . Then I headed to high school . To find the two boys that always make fun of me . Great!

Jason and rune look at me I froze they grinned no I thought no no no not today why today . It was like every other day the day hey twirp give me your lunch money. I say no I get in trouble because of a lie so I gave them my lunch money

. Oh well you should of fought back . A voice echoed I was startled .
Fight back fight back fight fight or you will never make it you failed you failed fight or fail loser loser loser failure fight back .

It echoed over and over again FIGHT! I ran to the bathroom my brown eyes were glowing a little my hand felt like they were on fire then it went black

I woke up in the nurse being sent home I guess I felt right something went wrong my head hurts now as well . Was it was a dream I thought a voice yelled


Ugh....I huff huff I felt choked so I went home and went to bed the voice still whispering over and over again again and again it wouldn't. Stop I wish it would it's like dark wings a shadow always on my shoulders i drifted off as the voice eachoed


  • umm new what do you think

    Oct 17, 2019

  • LOVE! that's what I think.

    Oct 18, 2019

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