Forever Was Just A Word Read Count : 20

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Today as I walked
I noticed my heart skipped a beat
Today as I journeyed into my pondering dreams

I felt a feeling drowing me
I was like a princess walking through the shadows
No light to guid my way

Only the sound of my beating heart
Just beyond the glass walls
And each time a pebble came
My heart skipped a beat

Am I really a princess?
Walking within this eternity?
I felt a wind fan my fire, I felt the air grow my flames.

I had the power 
The power to keep moving forward no matter what came my way
My heart was stronger

And hope lingered still
Just the thought was enough to piece together all the moments
I counted lost

The times my heart skipped a beat
I grew closer to discovering who I really was..
A warrior!

With a strong beating heart

Forever was just a word.


  • Oct 17, 2019

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