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Yeah I grew up in the back streets
Summer time season burrner heat
Talking shit well get you beat
Worst get ya burried six feet deep
Won't survive if you can't stand on your 2  feet.
Don't take lightly the words I speak
Pretray strong even when i feel weak
Why so gangster, why not geek.. see
I was raised in the back streets 
Brunner on waist means more heat 
Talk my shit and get you beat
 Yeah I Should be 6 feet deep
Im alive and be standing on  two feet
I'm not lying with the words I speak
I get stronger, but still feel weak
Rather be a gangster than a geek
Surviving these back streets
Cause I raised in the back streets
So grew up in the back streets.
Gangsters all around me
Killers all around me
What you talking bout
Their my fucking family
So come find us in back streets
We be working in the back streets
Know nothing but back streets
Home is the back streets
Stay the fuck out the back streets


  • KING Ben Fabulous

    KING Ben Fabulous

    you deserve a hands clap

    Oct 16, 2019

  • Oct 16, 2019

  • G Virgo

    G Virgo

    i never publish final draft.. but i always have a better draft

    Oct 16, 2019

  • back streetzzzz!

    Oct 18, 2019

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