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Have you ever seen dancing rhinos? Probably not. This rare species only lives in Treeland. It’s close relatives are the unicorn, the dragon, and the mermaid. 
     Dancing Rhinos have been here since the year one and will be here until the year 15 billion, 2 million, 6 thousand, 9 hundred, 84. They will also be the reason humans go extinct, because with their friendly appearances comes lazer horns. 
     By there name you can probably guess that they can dance. Yes. Some dances they can do are:
• Ballet
• Jazz
• Hip Hop
• Tap Dance
• Square Dance
• Salsa
     And exactly 553 more types of dance. Dancing Rhinos only weigh 50 pounds because they must keep them selves up when the dance. 


  • Naia Rosa Velez-Straus

    Naia Rosa Velez-Straus

    Sorry about they water mark on the photo. This is my first story from my animal encyclopedia entries. I have not and will put more on if any one enjoys this one

    Feb 22, 2020

  • its a kids book i hate kids book

    Oct 18, 2019

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