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I close my eyes so I don't see you at it,
You laugh and ask if we're saying a prayer,
How I wish we were.
You see my eyes shut,
What you don't see is that it's actually my mind I'm closing,
I wouldn't want my perception of you changing.
You're an angel, perfect and flawless
And no matter what,
In my eyes it's how you'll be.
But with my lips pressed tight against one another,
I scream; "Don't steal my innocence, please, don't take away my purity."
As though you can't hear me,
You proceed with your attempts.
I cry a little,
Tell you it's weird
And we laugh it off.
But there's more words my lips have failed to frame;
"On that day, you actually killed me. I'm just taking longer to die..."
Coz I'm a strong kid
And dying is for the weak,
And I got too much to live for
And you're an angel, my guardian angel.
You're supposed to protect me
That's why I keep coming back.
What harm can you possibly do to me?
I know you love me sincerely
But sometimes even the purest of love can be misplaced.

This is not a poem or a spoken word piece, it's a true story, written with white ink on a clean sheet of paper.
"We all have chapters we don't read out loud..." This is mine


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