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It's oddly humorous, 

they think I have it under control.  

When the truth of the matter is,

 there's no control at all.  

My mind plays tricks and my heart sings desire,

 every cell feels like it's on fire.  

Am I human or a product of the machine? 

 It's hard to tell, living in a dream. 

 Detaching myself from this reality,

 and questioning my very sanity.  

Perhaps that's why I'm socially awkward, 

 and always afraid to start moving forward. 

They look at me when i am calm,

Not understanding that I'm like a bomb.

My fuse has been lit, and burns real slow.

How long will it be before I finally blow.

And the cruelest part, when I explode,

It'll all be towards me as I implode.



  • Love this one!

    Oct 19, 2019

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