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Sitting here sober looking out the window, tears run down my face as i read your letter. I hope you know i mean forever
We been through alot of shit in the last year but I've done more then prove im here for you.
Your past is your past, im not scared. You have done some things that hurt pretty bad, but in the game i guess i learned to understand.
Stupid little bitchs you decided to fuck, one still trying to destroy me dumb cunt it annoys me.
When we first met you asked me to be your lady in my head i though your fuckin crazy. I dont do the relationship thing because to me love isn't a game, but look i fell in love and soon ill be your wife.
You were on top when we met, you had it all, now your sitting in prison all you gets letters and calls.
I lay here lonely n faithful looking forward to the day we say i do and you walk out n everyday i can be with you. Just know when the day comes , you let another bitch in the middle and were through.
I cry just saying that cuz i hate the thought of saying goodbye to you but I've stayed faithful can you?


  • it was pretty good .very explicit. didn't hold anything back

    Oct 15, 2019

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