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To start off 6th grade was amazing and part of that is friends. On the first day I had made tons of friends and all of them seemed normal. Until later in the school year. The main "friends" I'll be focusing on is Kevin, Gage, and most of my other friends.
So to start off subtle let's focused on the majority of my "friends". If you were to look at them you would say look normal and innocent, really, but half way through the year a club started, SWAT. Students working against tobacco, so every one started rumors that peopled either Vaped or smoked. So surprise surprise those rumors were true so far I lost about 10 friends that year.
Pretty shocking right? Well this is even more shocking so Gage a 6th grader about 5 foot 3 (if I had to guess) did not vape at that time or at least I think. So what could be so bad about him you ask well the answer is simple. He dealt and took cockaine and marijuana. So later he was never at school anymore so I asked Gabriel what happened to Gage and Gabriel said "how do you not you retard he got arrested for selling Marijuana and cockaine and I haven't seen him since.
Now finally the most unfortunate event Kevin. Now at first glance he was a good drawer but wrong in the head but I was foolish enough to ignore it. So continuing, at 5th period (gym) I finished running my lap and he says "hey I got a knife" so in response I say no you don't so he pulls out a box cutter and chases me with it for around 30 seconds and I didn't see the box cutter so I assumed it was a joke. Now 10 minutes later, I went to Kevin to see the box cutter and see if it was real and sure enough, it was. So as fast as I could I ran and told the coaches. Now as I was running Kevin was right about to slit Caleb's throat. After that the coaches came and at least 3 police officers came and arrested him. After that he went to jail for a year. So happy ending right?
Nope,this year in 7th grade he came back, and in the cafeteria he tapped me twice on the shoulder and said "remember me?!" In a tone that said I'm going to kill you. So I reported it and now my life changed completely, the police officer keeps a close eye on Kevin I need to change classes 3 minutes early and have a police officer transport me to my next period, and on top of that I have a no contact order placed against him which says, Kevin may not touch, look, write a note, tell a student to tell me something, and basically anything that I'm involved in. 
So finally happy ending, for now.
              Thank you for reading


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