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I got a call from your mom today
She asked if I heard from you
She knew I didnt
Then she said something happened 

I was scared when I asked what happened 
She said you started cutting 
I asked you why but you said it was nothing 

So I need to know why I almost lost a friend today 
You know I already went through this pain already once

Did something happen?
Did someone hurt you?
Did someone leave?

Please just tell me 
Why did you do it?
Because I'm already been through this before

You know it hurts because you went through it with me
So why did you do it knowing how I will feel 
I was hoping that it wasnt true but it is

You wont tell me what happened will you 
You know it hurts worse not knowing because you always think I could of done something 

So what's wrong
What happened 
Why did you do it 
Why am I here crying and you wont ease my pain 

You would of been the 2nd one
And you know that so please if you wont talk to me or your mom 
Then people just talk to someone.


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