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What wasn't said but known about is more crucial even today ... as I hope to present.

1. The original American  declaration of Independence 
opens with.. " we severe such ties and act under nature's god in doing so..."  The new constitution served as a trojan horse and back door for the same religious zealots to mount their futuristic religious coupe de tat to destroy our true spiritual destiny, natural law based freedom.

If I remember correctly, this was about the same time Thomas Paine was falsely imprisoned by these conspiring zealots for his work titled,  The Age of  Reason. 

In it, he did a thorough historic examination using the laws of logic and reason exposing the fraud behind the Christian bible claims of revelationism and concerning the character and nature of an anthropocentric god amid existential existence.

2. The inclusion of religious rights and the separation of church and state in " the new constitution" sets up for the same trojan horse for these new inclusions only to be invalidated by the same zealots who use their religious books under their false assertions in it, that, all human activities, including the formation of human societies, are to be subject to these books claims of a god. 

This attests to the fact that the only necessary allusion as to the true place of "god and religion" was amply addressed, based upon accurate human history and experience of the horrid events of all religious based tyrannies, within the first line of the American declaration of independence, as quoted earlier.

And, historically, many zealots, like the many seen today, used these same excuses that come out of these same baseless notions of religion to destroy all existence ( nature ) by their same militant and technological complexes. 

How many because of their own superstitions when they hear the word "god" muttered by some simpleton dictator, like Moses and Cyril of Egypt, follow these dictators out of their own cowardly fears behind that word, never even questioning their own true motives for it, let alone these idiots ?

And, in the course, violating many persons existence for them simply choosing not to obliging these coercive demands and threats, and, instead, out of being intelligently informed, choosing to embarking upon their true path of freedom in knowing of and heeding the call of nature's laws ( sanity ). 

This is still the same byproduct of all human created religion. As, all religion is human created, and, not nature created.

3. The understanding of the bill is rights and the 9th and 10th amendments were already part and parcel to understanding these A of C.

4. It's not a coincidence that today we see these same zealots attempts to threaten and destroy America's  earlier embattlements and accomplishments, that were won largely on a diverse individual level, not a military one, coming through the current Mexican  and oriental / Arab immigration fronts under the same exact banner of god / deism posing under their same threats and demands of religious entitlement  to do so.

So much for religious rights being individualized under the new constitution.

They are certainly not those who come here to escape the tyrannies they created elsewhere just so they can come and join the rest of us in preserving, protecting and defending our lives as true individual ( self governed ) patriotic Americans had done before us.

And, It's not a coincidence  that the key areas of lawful public trust and lawful inhabitants arming themselves against these very tyrannies materializing in their many forms, are the first areas of attack by such encroaching religious - dressed zealots. In doing so, they only dare us to overthrow them once again.

5. Unless a person borne on this continent understands these key connections, they were, more than likely, never a real american anyways. 

Just look at what so many upon this continent are like today and contrast that with the earlier Americans  who clearly understood that ( universally ) rural values were based on their daily communion with nature's  laws in their day to day lives being synonymous with true freedom .. not religious ideas. 

 Religious ideas which have been proven time and again not to be connected to the same natural laws, whatsoever. But, merely invented by the superstitions of those who never cared to connect these legitimate and key understandings let alone the importance they hold for the day to day person's true human development.

That's where the real and timeless meaning of freedom comes in. These key precepts cannot be discovered through these unnaturally created and antiquated religions. 

They require direct and true understanding through the individuals personal experience of and in connection to nature's day to day realities.  As that was meant to be, naturally. 

Therefore, the fakery of this force-fed collectivism is not a requirement or necessity for the free man; As, it only has its holdings in all the pluralistic made religions who seek to use it in order to continue in the dumbing down of masses while, whittling away at all of natural existence for the sake of increasing its machinery of imperialistic materialism they refer to as theocracy.


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