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Content warning : mention of suicide and abuse 

 I sat in silence. The room pitch black although, I was unsure if i was dead or had just passed out. Had i failed in my attempt to die? What had happened? Out of nowhere I hear an ominous voice "It's time for you to be judged" i felt like i was going to piss my pants from fear i was so undeniably terrified i wanted to cry. I hadnt cried in so long.

   Suddenly i see flame, orange with places so hot they were red. Suddenly I see my boyfriend or the one i had before. Where did he come from? Why is here? He had so much unbelievable pain his eyes it hurt my chest. He looked at me and tears welled in his eyes.... His wrist, his wrist was bleeding and i realised he was dead.... He was an angel....an angel

Suddenly i hear the ominous voice "This is who died at your hand." The voice boomed. What?! How?! "He was my boyfriend ! I loved him!"

My boyfriend  got a hard look in his eyes "AND?!" He asked well more of screamed.

" YOU LEFT! YOU LEFT ME ALONE!" He screamed louder but then his voice dropped to a whisper "I loved you. I told you id follow, but you left anyways so here we both are dead" he looked as though he wanted nothing more than to kill me..... I was already dead "she deserves happiness. She deserves the world." Why would he do that? I thought i had made him kill himself yet he still stands up for me? He looked me in the eyes and stated "i love you. But its my turn to await judgement. Goodbye."

And so i waited in darkness once more. I waited in silence for what seemed to be an eternity, before i watched as slowly as my childhood bestfriends face was evident in a faint yellow glow." This is the person whos lifes youve saved. A smile played at he-their lips. "You were there when no one else was." I shook my head no i wasnt? "You accepted me. You never made me be someone i wasnt. Instead you encouraged me even more to be who i really was." I was tearing up now they were nonbinary but i was the first ti lead in accepting them. "You accepted me when my parrnts didnt if i didnt have you id have slit my wrist" "she deserves forever in paradise." They looked sad as they slowly realised " i have to go..."

And once again I was left to wait in solitude, the darkness that consumes me

Is becoming unbareable and suddenly dying doesnt seem like it was the only option. I suddenly see my younger brother who was 6 years younger than myself, he had a sweet expression on his face the only time he ever looked at me in a loving way and i heard  the ominous voice state "this is the person youve been the nicest to" he looked me in the eyes. "You warned me about Curtis he had horrible plans to twice as bad " i didnt consider that. i hadnt realised he loved me that much.....

Suddenly i was in pitch black darkness once more, i didnt know what to think about what had just occured i watched as my sisters face emerged from the darkness the ominous voice spoke once more "the person youve been cruelest to" what did i do to her? "You were happy!" We had pretty much the same life YET YOU GOT TO BE HAPPY!" she roared what?! Me haply?? I was miserable what did she mean ID KILLED MYSELF dhe seemed to disolve then and there and i stopped feeling.... I wasnt there anymore...

"Her wish has been granted " the voice said "she no longer exsist"


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