The Seed Of Truthfulness Read Count : 32

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There live a chief in a village who want someone to inherit him when he pass away. He called all  the men in the village and give them a seed of maize to plant. He advice them plant it and bring the yield to him when he need it. They send the seed to their farms and planted it. Days pass and none of the seed has germinate. They were confused. All of the men replant another seed except one man who tried all means for the maize to germinate but it didn't so he decided to leave the seed. Days  pass and his maize is still not germinating but the others who plant new maize has get fruit from their plants. When the day due for them to present their fruit,  they all bring their fruit except him. When he was coming, he kneel from far distance crying forgiveness.  The chief asked him what has happen to him? So he explained everything to him. The chief call all the members and told them that this is the man he was looking for. He has show that he is truthful. All the maize given to them were cooked maize that is why it didn't germinate. He continued by saying all the men should obey that man


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