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Sometimes I sit and ponder about what the far reaches of my existence will have for my person. 

And, once more, my paranoia pumps through my veins and my mind churns and chugs against my will. 

Perhaps, I will inhabit a living space with my comrades, as we had planned, and live happily with them. 

Perhaps, I will live alone, a fear that I pray not to come true. Live alone, amongst myself, in a small habitat that will only attempt to draw me into madness and speak with me through the walls. 

Perhaps, I will inhabit a space with my partner, my dearest lover, whom we enjoy each others company and sow the seeds of love. 

I wonder how I may live in the future and what pieces of me will remain and what will be grinded to dust. 

In the future, will I be reborn? Reborn with pieces that I will never even think I could have at this current clock? 

Will I walk the same path I always walk? Not reborn, all pieces of my person still the same but ever so growing or diminishing? 

This be such a question I can't answer, such a blackhole that cannot be escaped. 

Such a mystery unsolved with a jungle, shrouded in only mystery and more discoveries. 


  • Oct 14, 2019

  • Oct 14, 2019

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    Oct 21, 2019

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