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Reaching out for help
Or expressing how you feel 
You face a bitter end
Frustration is quite real

You’re reluctant to look ahead 
Just stareing into darkness 
There’s another view instead 
You’re not completely sparkless

You still csn breath fresh air
You’re picking up your pen
Whoever is out there
See you write again 

You haven’t given up
That spark can still ignite 
Your demonstrating will
You haven’t lost the fight 

When your looking at the “E”
On the gas guage of your car
It’s telling you you’re empty 
Yet you’v driven very far

It’s just the same with  us
When we think we’ve reached the end 
We’re still living- breathing-writing 
There’s hope beyond the bend

The signal that’s been given 
It’s  plain for m to see
I hope you recognize it
It is no mystery 

There’s plenty left within you
To fight and to survive 
With trusted friends beside you
You can again -become alive


  • Oct 14, 2019

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