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From kipchoge, story, He had 41 pace setters, to help him run the marathon and break the record. Indeed he broke the record, encouraged by pace setters. Each person has got a vision/goal to achieve. We need to choose good people who might advice us well, pray for and support your vision. No man is an island. He/she can build you achieve your vision. It might be your wife/husband /parents /children /pastor /grandparents /teacher/friends /relatives. They play a great important role in your life, embrace and listen to them. Always know your attitude will drive you towards your vision closer or further, success /failure. You stand in a gap in that community, to help one another in unity, to help one achieve his/her achievement in life. Remember, if you want to move far walk alone, but if you want to move furthest walk together with others. Don't be discouraged, but make it ambition habitually everyone with a positive attitude driven, to achieve your vision/goals in life.


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    Oct 13, 2019

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