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New Discovery

Dear diary

I walking quickly. I can't believe that I am late for the class for the very first time.

But I am happy to have a chance to talk with Yoko!

Maybe I will invite her to my lunch table. Well, I never know useless I try.

As I arrived at the class. I pouring a huge amount of my apologies on my teacher, Ms. Joanne.

Ms. Joanne: That's fine. As long as you not skipping classes.

I nodded and apologized for the last time. I walked toward my desk.

Nate, my buddy, stares at me with a smiling face. His sweet green and blue eyes seem to change into the cat's eyes. That's mean he wants to hear my reason for being late out of usual.

I sat down and smiling.

Me: I will tell you later, Nate.

Nate: You better be.

He nodded slowly, turn around and pay attention to Mrs. Joanne's lesson.

Ms. Joanne explaining how to pronounce some Japanese words. Yes, I am in a Japanese class.

I actually don't know how but when I choose some free class. As I noticed the word: Japanese class.

At first, I not interested in Japanese culture. Even I not interested in anime as well.

But this feeling, it said, "You must, you must join this class before something will come to you."

I can't shake this feeling off. So I just chose this class. Ever since I can write some Japanese.

But pronounce is challenging. I do not even say Yoko's name!

Ms. Joanne: For today's activity, choose one Japanese word, and practice to pronounce your own word. Let's go.

Everyone in my class chooses the word so quickly and go ahead.

I chose the word: Yoko's name! I must practice so I can easily say Yoko's name without having she correct me. I actually have to feel that she would do that.

Ms. Joanne: Patrick-san.

I look up, Ms. Joanne stands in front of me. As usual, she comes to check on me. Normally, teachers have to check on students in each row. And I am in the third row, yet she just comes over to me.

No offense, but I got a little annoying. I don't understand why many teachers in this school just choose favorite students.

And I am the favorite for every teacher in middle school. I am only 14 years old.

Me: Oh hi Sensei-Joanne.

Ms. Joanne's cheeks become pink. Of course, she blushed.

Ms. Joanne: Say, did you choose the word? Want me to help you?

Me: Ah yes, please. How you pronounce Yo... Uh...

Ms. Joanne waiting and stares at my eyes while I thinking about how to ask her to say, Yoko. The idea light up.

Me: How you say "you"' without " u" plus backward of "ok?"

Well, I try to think out of the box.

Ms. Joanne thinking for a while. Her sweet face changed into a horror face.

Ms. Joanne: Yoko?! That crazy girl?!

I tried my best to stay cool. That's not nice for her to say that to 12 years old girl.

Me: Well, I don't think that she is crazy but is her name a Japanese name? I want to say her name correctly.

She smiling, not just sweet smiling. Suddenly, I heard her voice. "Ah, so you can let Yoko know that you been meaning to ruin Yoko's year."

I surprised, her mouth not open. Not open to say this awful sentence.

Me: You say something?

Ms. Joanne startled then denied. I got confused, but won't argue with her.

Ms. Joanne: Alright, you can separate two words. When you master them, try to combine them together. It will be helpful if you do it.

I listen carefully. And thanking her.

For 15 minutes, I finally can say "Yo Ko" but I have a hard time to combine them together.

For more later, the bell ringed, the class is over.

I ran around, looking for Yoko. Finally, I found her walking in the hallway. I ran and shouted.

Me: Yo Ko!

Yoko stopped, turn around, then looking at me. As usual, have a cute but serious face on her.

I invited her to my table. That's taking her a while to accept. I surprised that the little girl can even fight!

She literally punched Kai, the ghost that Yoko talked about, and send him to the glass window! I impressed! But at the same time, I was worried that Kai is got hurt.

Kai slammed into a glass window made a pretty loud sound. That's will be hurt if I were him.

Yoko following me to the cafeteria, we got food on our trays. We walked toward my table. As I thought, my buddies, looking at Yoko with horror faces glued on.

We sat down. I sensed so much tense atmosphere. So much that I feel like I smashing to flat pancake. It's too strong so I stay quiet and eat my lunch until I feel better.

For a couple of minutes, I finally feel a little better. I started my little job: calm down my buddies and Yoko.

Yoko seems still to put more pressure on my buddies. I love what she always does and never regret it. But I want to calm down for this situation so I asked her to lower her clever talk.

But still, Hannah, Nate, Johnny, Emily, and Kathy feel uneasy. The idea appeared in my mind. I ask Yoko to tell us about herself.

I am pretty sure that her history has full of the reason why she always stays away and talks back.

But as Yoko told us about herself in a basic way. I realized that Yoko does not feel comfortable. I felt bad. Why did I make Yoko do something that she does not like to?

As Hannah enraged me more. I don't understand why everyone acts like that to Yoko? So many people against one person?! Everyone deserves to have a second chance. So why to my childhood buddies?!

I got angry and stand up violently and grab and yanked poor Yoko's wrist. I was blind by anger but I hoped that I am not hurt Yoko.

I dragged Yoko with me. I heard a scream come from my table. I do not even bother to turn around and see what goes.

I just stomping and dragging Yoko along. I decided to take Yoko to my house.

As I told her about my plan for right now. My mind started to search for an excuse for skipping the afternoon classes.

As we arrived at my house, a mansion. Yoko seems not so impressed. I remember about Supirittoherupā's salary. Of course, her family may are Supirittoherupā and earn so much money. That's mean she also comes from a rich family.

I picked my key and unlock the door.

Me: After you, Yo Ko.

I holding the door and smiling.

Yoko: No payback.

She steps on the welcome mat then stopped.

Me: Yo Ko?

Yoko: Say, it's fine if I take my shoes off?

Ah, Japanese culture. She actually not have to. But if that makes her feel comfortable, then.

Me: Sure thing.

Yoko nodded, she took her shoes off then put to the left corner. Yoko walked then turn around so she let me know that she waiting for me.

I quickly enter the lock the door. I turned around and lead her to a big comfortable sofa.

I heard a scream come from my little sister, Arianna.

Arianna: You were back, my husband!

My face feels hot. I looking at Yoko as I lift her up. Yoko looking at my sister then me then her then me. I can see her cheeks puffed a little. I knew that she battles with laughter.

Me: She is my little sister, Arianna.

Arianna: And his wife! The princess Arianna!

I can hear Yoko's whisper laugh. It's kinda cute.

Arianna: Why is that girl here?! You not cheating on me, do you?!

Yoko chuckled. I have a bad feeling about this.

Me: No, she is my friend. She's a nice girl.

Arianna always wants to marry me. But we are siblings. But she has been bothering me for almost a year. I gave in and say yes. And that it. No fake weddings. Arianna is only 6 years old, she does not know much about marrying and weddings. That which I glad.

Me: Say, I need to talk to my friend. I will be back for a while, okay?

Arianna nodded, I put her down. She skipped along.

As she is in another room. Yoko elbowed me.

Yoko: Is she gone?

Me: Yes, why?

Suddenly, Yoko dropped the huge bomb of laughter.

I never thought that she could laugh that hard from Arianna.

Yoko: Who in the world would marry their siblings?! Even a long age gap!

I feel so embarrassed. I don't have any choice.

Me: It's not my fault.

Yoko: Yeah, I can sense it.

Her words confused me a little. Sense? What does she mean by that?

Yoko calmed down. I finally have a chance to explain what we do for now.

Me: My mom would kill me for that. But for now, please stay here for a while. I need to talk to my mom.

Yoko: Okay not like I want to follow your every step.

Well, she has a point.

Me: Well, I go ahead now. You can do whatever you want.

Yoko: That's means I can stand up and wander around in your mansion?

Me: You know what I mean!

I yelled over two different rooms. I heard Yoko's laugh. I rolled my eyes.

Mom: Explaining.

I startled, turned around, yep, my mom is behind me with crossed arms.

Me: Not like I have an excuse.

My mom yelled at me for a while. She actually swearing so I not rather write down what we said in an argument.

But in the end, I go to my room as punishment. Lucky, my mom agreed to let Yoko come to my room for a short time.

I go up and in my room. I picked my phone and read my buddies' messages.

Hannah: Where are you?!

Emily: We were worried about you!

Nate: Is Yoko or whatever beat you up?!

Johnny: @Nate OMG, I hope that not happen!

Kathy: If that happened, please send us a location, we will tracking you and report on cops!

I got angrier and angrier. So I threw my phone across my queen bed.

I can't believe that they even thought that Yoko would hurt me.

I heard the elevator. That's mean Yoko may come for now. Then I heard another noise: beep from my phone.

I swear if I see other text about the bad stuff with Yoko. I am willing to break my phone.

I picked my phone then looking at the message. It comes from Iris, my devilish twin sister. She is actually sweet sometimes. She just has a bipolar disorder.

Iris: Patrick, you can't believe what I just discovered!

I actually became curious.

You: What it is?

Iris: It's about Yoko. The girl you always talk about.

You: Yeah?

I am so ready to break my phone.

Iris: I bumped into Yoko. She came out of the forest.

I surprised.

You: Huh?

Iris: Yeah! I asked her why she came to this route. She told me that she lives there. Amazing?

You: Yeah, thank you for telling me.

Iris: Also, Yoko said that she does not have a family. So that means she may live alone, in the forest.

You: What?! How long?!

Iris: I don't know. I do not get much information but yeah, that's all I know for now. What any new about her from you?

I thought about it for a while. I remembered then typing quickly.

You: Ah, right. As I talked with her about something, she left her locker opened. So I saw her pictures. I think that they are Yoko's family, Iris.

Iris: Really?!

You: Yep, Thank you for this. Yoko will come to my room. I will talk to her about this. TYSM.(Thank You So Much)

Iris: NPMLB. (No Problem, My Little Brother.)

You: We have the same ages, Iris...

Iris: Blah! Blah! Blah! I born first before you, idiot Patrick the starfish!

I chuckled and rolled my eyes. When we watching Spongebob Squarepants, the character, have the same name as mine. And he is a huge idiot. And everyone in my family also thinks that I am an idiot. So Iris started calling me Patrick the starfish.

Funny right?

Yoko: Oroka Patrick!

She shouted. I jumped. I stand up and ran toward my door.

I twisted the doorknob then open it widely. I spotted Yoko standing halfway to my room. With scythe. It does not bother me much. But what happened to her for this time?!

As she told me what happened, I dragged her to my room. I decided to try talking with her. Live without parents in the forest is very crazy. And plus, in pictures, I saw Yoko in the young figure. She seemed so happy. So happy that she smiling in every picture.

I am so worried about Yoko. So I want to ask her what happened with her family.

But in end, I stressed her out. She shouted at me and start crying and ran away. I chased her to the elevator. But it closes doors before I can reach Yoko. I ran to the stairway. I ran down.

Yoko was going out already. I was pretty upset about it. Yoko really had a huge misunderstanding. I am just an idiot that not realize that Yoko and I barely know each.

Mom: Care to explain to me AGAIN?

I sighed, I explained everything to my mom but not ghost part.

My mom nodded slowly.

Mom: (sigh) You have some nerves sometimes, Patrick.

I look down at the floor. I feel so ashamed. I never knew that Yoko had trust issues.

Mom: Now you can understand that Yoko is insensitive. Just go to your room and think about what you did to her.

My mom shoo-ed me. I nodded and walked away.

As I lay down on my bed. I picked my phone and text my sister.

You: I hurt Yoko. Really badly.

I put my phone on the bed next to me. I replay everything that just happened to me for this time.

Suddenly the realization flashed across my mind.

How my mom pronounced Yoko's name?! My mom just met Yoko. That's no way that my mom could pronounce Yoko's name.

I sat up. I thought really hard. Can't be. My mom may either speak Japanese or knew Yoko's family.

For while I actually noticed my mom's face after I told her about Yoko.

Mom was surprised, more like scared and upset. She keeps asking me if Yoko comes from a rich family, looks like her older brother.

In my mind, I saw one boy in Yoko's picture. That's may him. So I answered mom. She was really upset.

I sighed. Time for me to ask my mom directly at the next morning. I was pretty tired out.

I showered, brushed my teeth, changed PJs, and charged my phone on my table next to my bed.

Finally, I lay down, stare at the ceiling.

I am stupid. So stupid. I did not try to make Yoko cry.

I fell asleep. I dreaming about Yoko. I pouring a huge amount of apologies, but Yoko pushed me away. Called me a stupid that I should live in dark sea like Patrick the starfish.

In the morning, I finally escaped my nightmare. All thanks to my alarm clock.

I changed my PJs to uniform, made my bed, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, grabbed my phone, then went out of my room.

Use elevator is not allowed in the mornings because of noises.

So I went down to the stairway. I really hate to use it on the third floor to the first floor.

As I arrived at the first floor, I heard my dad's voice. My feeling lit up. We do not talk to each other much. But I still love my dad. He always supports my family a lot.

Be honest, my dad is quite a mysterious man. Ever since I was little. I never saw my dad's face. He always uses dark sunglasses all the time. Even indoor.

His hair is dark black. So dark that light can't be reflected in his hair. But he has another color, bright blue. I am pretty sure that my dad dying his some hair.

I ran toward the living room, I want to throw the huge hug to my dad. But as I heard something.

Dad: Don't tell me that Yoko, Patrick's ex-childhood friend met Patrick again yesterday?! They went to the same school?!

I stopped immediately. Yoko? Is she my childhood friend? But then why don't I remembered her?

I sneaked and stand behind the wall. I listening.

Mom: Yes! Yesterday she was at our house.

Dad: You may be mistaken her. She was dead already. These no way that 5 years old could survive alone after her family was killed in front of her.

What? Her family was killed? Front of Yoko at 5 years old? That's too way trauma for a young age.

Mom: I know, I don't know how she survived but there no mistake. I can see her face. She looks exactly like as at a young age. But more serious due to a trauma.

Dad: She should just die. She one who killed her family. I don't want to have her live with us. If we must get killed too.

Mom: Yuri! Yoko does not try to! It an accident.

Dad: Oh?

Mom: look, I know that you were upset about losing your long-life friend, Rabuī. But she is Yoko's mother.

Dad rolled his eyes annoying.

Dad: Yoko's mistaken, Anne.

In my horror, my dad took his sunglasses off. Now, I can see his eyes. Red eyes like Yoko's, but have a white plus, not cycles.

Dad: Rabuī and stupid husband not planned to have Yoko. Jakū is supposed to be last.

Mom: Yuri! But they love Yoko so much! Due to their experience with 7 CHILDREN, they can take care of Yoko like a piece of cake! Yoko not a mistaken! She is a gift from God!

Dad: Fine! Isn't she 12 years old now? Did she learn the lesson 7 years ago?

I got angrier. Why did my dad say that?!

Mom: Very, she was completely different now. She is not longer happy. When I talked to her, I can sense that she hates herself. Overflowed with angry, sadness, and hating emotions.

Dad: Whoa, that very serious.

Mom: I know! That's why I want to fix this! I want Patrick and Yoko to remember each other! Let Yoko come over here have good times!

Dad: But Yoko ca-

Mom: I insist! We made a mistake too! Left Yoko alone in the middle of the forest with Mansion filled with dead bodies and blood!

I can notice that my parents start to cry.


Mom: Please! Let Yoko off-hook!

Dad: How can I know if Yoko learned the lesson? I don't want to everyone know that we are monsters!

I mot take it anymore. I ran out of the wall.

Me: You are a monster, dad!

My parents startled.

Me: Leave 5 years old Yoko alone in the middle of the forest?! Only monsters can do that!

Dad: You ain't understand, we have a reaso-

Me: I don't want to hear it!

I covered my ears with my hands I ran out of my home. I ran toward my school. I never knew that Yoko has an unhappy childhood.

Now, I can fix everything between Yoko and me!

I ran and enter school. I ran and ran. I looking for Yoko. Even shouted Yoko's name.

Girl's voice: Excuse me.

Me: Huh?

I turned around, saw the girl that I never saw her before. Is she new?

Girl's voice: My name is Maggie Alex Carter. But you can call me Maggie.

Me: Nice to meet you, but I need to go.

Maggie: But don't you looking for my bestie, Yoko?

I am shocking. I met Yoko's friend, Maggie.

Maggie: Are you an idiot? Patrick that Yoko talked about?

I was on the floor, touch Maggie's feet while faces to the cold floor.

Me: Please, tell me where she is. I need to talk to her out. I understand everything!

Maggie was silent for a while.

Maggie: But first you need to tell me what you will talk with Yoko about.

I decided to tell her. As I realized, Maggie knew that Yoko is Supirittoherupā. And we discussed some for a while.

Suddenly, I feel the tap. I turned my head around.

Me: Yoko!


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