How To Be A Loving Woman By Maui Wood Read Count : 101

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Do these 3 things

1. Learn the art of self love as taught by Krystal Tantric Yogi. Her approach to self love is bold and unapologetic. Self love is the first step to loving some one else.

2. Honor a woman you think is the most loving woman in the world. By honoring her you will begin to take on her loving characteristics. It’s a proven fact that admiration of others can be a tool you can use in a healthy way. Admiring a woman without acknowledging her can lead to envy or jealousy, you don’t want that, instead give her a very sacred gift and celebrate her nurturing qualities. Waistbeads are adornments that have been used throughout history to honor women in the most sacred way. You can gift a custom set for about $20 at Yonilovebymaui. Yonilovebymaui offers very feminine and sacred gifts for women.

3. Get a professional videographer to film you for about 30 minutes engaged in random acts of  love. When you document yourself, you are capturing the image in your brain more effectively and the mind will have a powerful record to refer to. Just think about how much your favorite movie has inspired you. Try it. Contact Zillatech, for  less than $200 you can get a mini movie of yourself! 


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