The Key And The Cooking Book Read Count : 30

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
It was a normal day,  for Libby she was in the kitchen with her brother, Micky  who was 19 she was 13. She was making cupcakes.  When it was ten thirty Libby decided to eat a cupcake then go to bed. When she took a bite in the cake, blood dripped from the cake  she thought her brother put red colouring in it when they we're making them but no her tooth came out.  When she went to bed she took her phone from under her pillow.  
When she looked it was gone she lifted up her pillow and searched the bed.  She found something but it weren't her phone it was a weird shaped key 🔑 

In the morning she opened the window there was a person staring at her she tried to work out who it was but it was a big blob of blackness shaped as a human. 
Libby went down stares and told her brother all about the last night and this morning.  They decided to go to the librey. When they got there they looked for a cooking book they got one but they read all of the cooking books so they went back home. Libby looked in her bag and found a book with a lock on it with a wierd key hole

It was then she realized that the key she found fits the book so she asked micky if he'd seen the key "oh yes its in my bag or in my drawer I'll have a look " micky replied as they both looked for the key someone  , did an unusual long knock, knocked at the door. 

Libby decided to have a peek the the peep hole there was a black guy who was at the end of the driveway staring strait at the door Libby locked the door and closed all of the curtains without making a sound the she grabbed two torches and turned all the light of including the TV, Wii, sound bar, Xbox and all the plugs she ran to the other side of the house and locked the back door then grabbed the keys for both doors and hid them in the microwave and hid under the blanket with a variety ad shivers going down her spine micky decided to sit next to her and ask what was wrong. 
"Its that person again but was looking strange "
Don't be silly someone is trying to scare you" micky said calmly 
"WELL IT WORKED " libby shouted impatiently she ran to her room crying while goosebumps appeared on her legs, arms, back, neck, tummy, chest, forehead and her face 

days turned into weeks weeks turned into months and she never came out freinds, family and her school called every day micky spoke through the door sending in clothes, Walter, food aswel as book and drawings that he wrote and drawn for her. 

It has been 9 months she been in there and then she found the weird key she opened the book and read  538 pages so she decided to flip through the pages it was never ending. Finely she came out of her room she made 3 or 4 recipes they we're incredible she gave them to all the people she knew but kept the book a secret when she was 98 she hid the book in the attick  so her grandchildren could find it it went one for centerys and it is still going on. 


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