Silence Makes The Loudest Noise Read Count : 52

Category : Poems

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Is it a prediction 
Or a contradiction 
We live in a world of words
We are conditioned to listening 
From shouting to whistling 

Some say that “ silence is the Golden Rule”
It is also an effective listening tool
To get someone’s attention
Or trying to break the tension 

Stop in the middle of a sentence 
Many people can’t stand silence 
Step up to give a speech
Stand there silently 
The audience you’re trying to reach 
May start to squirm reluctantly

Of course there comes a time 
When the silence has to stop
They’ll be looking right at you
Not ones head will drop 

Once you start to talk 
You better make it good
They understood what the quiet meant 
Just hope they don’t give you their 
Silent Treatment 


  • Oct 13, 2019

  • Oct 14, 2019

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