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Some of the best things
come in threes;

The clock -in which tells the time-
has three hands.

The clover -though not as lucky but rather lovely on its own-
has three petals.

A season -in which shows a phenomenon of days-
lasts for three months.

And triplets come in threes,
Three siblings,
Three Crowns.

The eldest would normally be the one in charge of all,
 Chosen to make the rules,
To be the heir of the throne,
To one day become a ruler.

The middle child would normally be the rowdy and courageous,
The reason why they had rules,
To stand above all and fight,
To one day become a warrior.

The youngest...

The youngest would normally be the secretive and complex,
In which rules will not apply to them,
To find out the truth,
To one day become what no one thought he would be.

But as they say, 'good things come in threes' and 'there is good in everything'.

The three crowns would forever be together,
Both as royals and as siblings.
What makes people family is the bond,
Not the blood.
For they will stand until destiny separates them,
And set things right for all.

Any punishment that will be received,
How much suffering that will be caused,
How long the lies that will soon be revealed.


They might not stand beside each other, but they will fight together.

They might not rule beside each other, but they will stay together.

They might not have the same goal as each other, but they will cry together.

They will take the time to lament,
for each other.

Wishing that one could see what the other had seen.


  • Oct 13, 2019

  • Oct 29, 2019

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