A Sad Night. Read Count : 58

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I come home to the smell of smoke and alcohol pinching my nose. The hallway sprayed with beer, the floor stained with stuff no one wants to explain. I walk to the kitchen before I go to the living room to see what disturbing thing I might see. The kitchen is a mess of dishes and wine bottles. The garbage overflowing with takeout containers. Flys and maggots roam the air and rotten food. I make my way to the living room as the stench gets bolder. 
The coffee table is lined with empty beer and wine bottles along with some other types of poison. On the couch lay my mother and her boyfriend, naked, asleep, drunk. I hoped they were dead but I just ran to my room crying. I locked the locks I put on my door to keep the devils from entering. My room has a bathroom so I dont have to worry about leaving and getting beat up. I've used my money to turn my room into my own apartment to keep myself and my brother safe. There is a fire escape which I use to leave and sometimes come home, just in case they are sober. 
I wish my dad was still here. But all I have left is a scar of when we were mugged.


  • Oct 12, 2019

  • K8TBeth Freidline

    K8TBeth Freidline

    horrible plight

    Oct 16, 2019

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