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The confessions of a broken hearted woman

I saw you once,
And it was love at first sight.
I'd heard of happiness,
I was convinced I'd find it in you
So being loved by you became my first priority
And a life of happily ever after with you was my everyday fantasy.
But little did I know,
I was drowning in a waterless pool

In my head was this myth of you and I being together.
I walked with my head in the clouds,
Thinking you felt the same way.
I was made blind by thoughts that
You may be playing the women's game.
And I made myself believe that you might be feeling a little too shy.
How I wish it had dawned on Me
That I was drowning in a waterless pool

Acknowledging I wasn't loved by you felt like torture.
The thought of you not feeling the same way was a hard nut to crack.
Knowing I'd never be with you was difficult.
But accepting that you're with her was hell.

I was drowning in a waterless pool.
I was holding on tight to a one-way ticket to heartache.
I could feel myself drowning.
The pool waterless,
But I was soon to realise it was bottomless too.

I badly wanted to reach the bottom
But i discovered that the way back was a thousand times shorter than the way to the bottom.
And that instant,
The words of one wise woman I admire, echoed at the far back of my mind;

"Please be true to yourself"
*song melody*

These are the words that woke me up,
The words that made me look around
And when it registered that I was drowning
In a great waterless and bottomless pool,
I chose to turn back.
I gave up my ticket to heartbreak,
My heart was already too shattered.
And most of all,
I had to let go
Because I was clinging to something that is not mine,
Some thing that has never been mine,
Something that would never be mine.

I had to be strong.
I had to just close my eyes and hold the knife by the blade as I walk past you.
For I believe that the million scattered pieces of my heart will one day come together
And I'll be able to love again


  • K8TBeth Freidline

    K8TBeth Freidline

    unrequited love uquenched hurts

    Oct 16, 2019

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