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Just because her eyes don't tear
Doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry
Just because she comes off strong
Doesn't mean there's nothing wrong.

If you'd gaze deep into her eyes
You'd notice the innumerable scars and millions of open wounds concealed within her soul
'cause someone's always aiming flaming arrows at her heart.
Never missing,
They drain her off all hope to ever finding serenity

You see,
Being broken hearted is like having broken ribs.
On the outside it looks like nothing's wrong
But on the inside,
Every breath hurts.

So the same girl who effortlessly wears a smile
And merrily chats her days away
Is the same girl who cries herself to sleep at night
Because her heart was ripped out of her chest
And fed to the dogs
When she lost the love of her life

So don't let her fool you
She's no super woman
She's still human,
Very broken
Although somewhat able to play flamboyant


  • K8TBeth Freidline

    K8TBeth Freidline

    I have worn that mask

    Oct 16, 2019

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