A Quick End To A Beautiful Sunset Read Count : 57

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
As I sit on the old rickity bench, a mysterious fog rolls over the blades of grass like snow. The wind withers and whistles in my ear sending a chill down my spine. I wonder who has planned to meet me and why, why come to meet me on a day such as this. Am I to die, a slow and painful death watching the sun set umong the old fall trees. Or shall it be quick, with a light so bright I float. 
I've lost so much that I can only await my "friend". I've  lost my parents, brothers and my 5 year old cousin, whom I loved dearly. I watched them die, their blood on my hands, tears streaming down my cheeks. I want it to end, the long nights of crying and screaming.
Their faces dance through my head like devilish fairies chanting "you could have saved us, but you decided to kill us to keep yourself alive. Whose the fool now?".
Footsteps umong the freshly frosted grass cracks, closer and closer. Behind me I hear a woman's soft voice singing an old song from my childhood that i sang to her. But what does it matter, cancer spreads through her veins. If she killed me, no one would be quick enough to notice. I know this because she was my girlfriend. 
I just keep staring at the colors of yellow, orange and red fading behind the trees. I wonder were they are going and if I shall join them momentarily. 
The sound of a blade unshething strikes my ears with no fear but, happiness. As if this was the happiest time of my life. Pain rocks my body, but I stay still. More still than the frosted blades, more than the stars making their appearance and more than the rickety old bench. All starts to fade with black fog, the song starts to dye down as death approaches. Then all is quite.


  • I really loved how you were descriptive

    Oct 12, 2019

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