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This is meant to be about a character for a future book.

Zachoro is a cunning man who changed his name from Con after he got his abilities. This sounds like a stupid character but bear with me here. He is from the sixth century. He lived on a farm with his siblings (who I will make more writings about, though they won't be in the same book for long) and did nothing but work. And (don't wanna explain how yet) they all three got wishes. The oldest of the three wanted to be able to become smaller from his original size to sneak and thief. The younger one, wanted to be with the one he loved, who was a lake mermaid. Con, however, chose to be a godlike being. This had to come at a price. For a wish so large he would be cursed with immortality. At first this seemed fine. Up until he grew older, he seemed so much younger than his loved ones, they all passed away behind him, and he kept living as a young man, and the ones he knew just kept passing.


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