To The Abusers Read Count : 44

Category : Poems

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You have no place to hide 
Even though you often tried
You hid behind your trust
A responsible person’s must 
An act of betrayal on those for whom you care
You should have gone to jail
But there are other punishments out there 
The victims now are speaking 
They’re calling out your name 
They’re pointing a strong finger 
Saying “You’re the one to blame “
The battle isn’t over -more are going to tell
That you- a human monster 
Do belong in Hell
A victory for the victims 
As they survived the beast
They have the final winning 
To learn to live in peace 


  • We all have seen those that relish in the pain and misery of others, but know that one day they will reap what they sow.

    Oct 11, 2019

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