Nothing To Something Read Count : 54

Category : Poems

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Not gonna tell you nothing
That well make you something 
I be something
But thanks for nothing
Bitch you think something 
You where once my everything
That there makes you something
Partnership on 3 boys, 
still my everything
Remember when we had something?
Feel like a fuck boy 
What the fuck boy
Fuck boy got fuck boy
Fuck boy nothing
See me be something
Ask me for nothing 
Help me for something
Love you for nothing 
Love me not for nothing
Go girl get that something
3 boys makes it something
Knew better, it's nothing
If you knew better ,something
Hold me back make me nothing
Nothing to something
Not gonna tell you nothing
That make you something.


  • 5-STAR!!!

    Oct 11, 2019

  • Oct 12, 2019

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