The Ghost Of My School Pt. 6 Read Count : 51

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
~ 2 days later~
I head home from the hospital thinking about Meghan.  What if that ghost was Meghan? Why was she chasing me? What killed her?Is she mad at me? all these questions floated around in  my head. I am sorry. Brandy says breaking me out of my daze. For what? I said. You saved me... I said trying to make her feel better than she obviously did.
Look, I did not mean to get in a fight with your brother, I just love you, you are like the sister I don't have. It is fine. I answered, trying to reassure her. We all know that having a twin  brother is SOOO MUCH HARDER. I said jokingly. I love him-ish. she said. I look over at her, then she walks inside the house. I just stand there waiting for something, I don't know what, but something. I feel a nudge on my arm. I look over. It is the little ghost girl. At this point I am not even scared, I just want her to find her peace and go to a better place. I look again. Are you Meghan? She screams. You finally remembered me!!! I smile slightly. I have missed that scream. I say. What killed you? I ask.  Listen..Her face turns as pale as pale cane be. Look, there is a very dangerous power out there, it wants you. It killed me I was coming to see you, but it wanted me to grab you, I didn't know what it was. The last thing I remember is being hit in the head, very hard, don't ask how i get blood on my face or hands, because I don't know how. And yes, I was dead when you got up and got Aiden and Caiden to come over. My spirit had been out of my body for about thirty minutes before you realized I was dead. Woah. I say with nothing else to ask or say. I just stare into the air waiting to wake up from this nightmare. I look back at her she's gone. wow. I say again trying to make sense of it all.


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    OnlineWinner Stafford

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