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Once again abuse reers its ugly head
Destroying victims inner self 
Wishing they were dead 
How can there be such evil 
That goes through life unchecked
Taking satanic advantage of the innocent ones 
To live a life that’s wrecked 

To victims all please do not fall
You should never feel the shame 
You were abused when you refused  
You never are to blame 

When you appeal -with pain reveals
This evil -hanous crime 
Your courageousness comes shining thru
You deserve much better times

Don’t give up hope there’s help out here
To turn your life around 
The scars remain but you can gain 
A good life to be found 

People and groups who love and care 
Can start you on your way 
Its worked before  with help galore 
To reach that happy day 

The evil one may try to run
Or caught and now in jail 
It may be late to set their fate
They think they might have won

One way you win is when you begin
To live a life that’s rich
If no penalty is paid for the evil one
They’ll all pay when this life is done 

You cannot erase the memories 
But you can change the view 
By living and creating beautiful ones 
And to know we’re proud of you


  • Oct 11, 2019

  • Oct 11, 2019

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