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I remember when you & I

(you & I)

we were more than just friends

I was proud to call you mine

back when you were my girlfriend

Not a day goes by

(day goes by)

I don't think about it

I'd just sit around and think 

A mentalized remix

About the shit that I would miss

I've been through it 

(Been through it all)

I picked myself up

(Still didn't fall) 

I'm still standing here

(I conquered it all)

I'm standing here

(Standing here)

I'm still standing tall

Texting on the phone

staying up talking crazy

Writing you some poems

and then one day we ain't friendly

Your acting crazy

Saw the real you that day lil lady

A cycle repeating

one thing im feeling

this doesn't feel right

I told you I'm leaving


  • Oct 11, 2019

  • Nov 10, 2019

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