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Hello, im Amy. The newest addition to Americas Highschool #1. I just cant wait to meet the sweet peas there. Or are they sweet peas? 

I came from a farm, where I can ride horses of course. But, I moved from Detroit, Michigan to... Manhattan, Ny! I sure do miss feeding the cows back in Michigan, but it's time I atleast take a break from that.  Im not addicted to it but it's my daily routine. 

Chapter 1: The morning...
It was 7:00 in the morning and I woke up. Usually i'd milk Betsie at the farm but since I moved here and my parents got a job over here, im kinda dissapointed. We live in this small house with a little mailbox.  Whats the point of moving? But I knew it was a smart thing because my parents need to pay for a few things. Who's Betsie you ask? Well, Betsie is my favorite cow! After day dreaming about it, I got out of bed and just got ready for the day.

Chapter 2: Lost in the school
I arrived at school and I was just nervous of what can happen. Im in 9th grade! Everybody got to their class and I was freaking out. So I asked a teacher, who's name is Mr. Franklyn. "Hello Sir, you must be the principal right?", I said as I exhaled. "Yes im the principal you must be the new girl. I see your kind of lost. Care if I would help?", he asked. "Yes", I said. His eyes were beautiful and I loved his amazing hair! So I followed him and he took me to my class. His british voice amazes me. 

Chapter 3: Introducing myself
I walked in the classroom and the teacher had a smile on her face. "Welcome uhh, whats your name?", she kindly asked. "Amy Farmer", I replied. Everybody laughed. "Hahaha Amy FARMER?", one boy said. I sat down on my seat in the back next to this really, cute boy who was from Michigan too, and he loves farming. "Dont mind them", he said. "They have no respect", he claimed. "Oh.. um.. thanks for reminding me", I said blushing quietly. "I see you blushing but its okay", he says blushing as well. "Your blushing too!", I said laughing. "Im Angel, nice to meet you Amy!", he kindly said. I knew he was gonna be a good friend.

Chapter 4: Gym..
It was officially time for gym and I was so excited. What fun are we gonna do? I sat down on the bench while the coach told us what to do. Dogeball! Yay! But suddenly a girl walked up to me and said, "your ugly and you better move you new freak ha". She pushed me to the benches and hurt me really bad! I just couldnt believe she would do that just because im new. Wheres Angel? As soon as I turned around the girl who suddenly attacked me like a lion was with Angel! They were... laughing!! I was so mad. That girls name is Angelic. Mines starts with an A too! Just because she has pretty nails, and beautiful blonde hair while I have brown, doesnt mean im ugly. 

Chapter 5: A resolution..
I was so dissapointed at Angel. I thought he was a good friend who actually didn't like Angelic and the others. But when we went to lunch he suprised me. "Hey Amy. Im really sorry. Turns out you were right and its rude to make fun of others just because their last name is farmer.", says Angel. "Its ok", I said laughing and blushing. He gives me a hug! It felt like I was in HEAVEN! 

Chapter 6: Angelic is a loser
In math class, me and Angel decided to make Angelic feel horrible. So we put apple juice secretly over her pants and how in the WORLD did she not notice? Ms. Turkey (sorry but thats her name) asked her whats This --> :  called in the ratio 2:4. So we told her an inncorect answer. We told her its a thousand million trillion and two. "Angelake? Can you answer the question?", said Ms. Turkey. WE ALL LAUGHED. Angelake??? I mean... she looks like a lake. "Yes mommy I mean umm Ms. Math", said Angelic. The WHOLE room shook with tears of joy and laughing! "OH MY GOSH KIDS I MENT MS. TURKEY!!", screamed Angelic. "Ok what's this mean ---> :   in 2:4?", asked Ms. Turkey.  "lake girl the answer is a thousand million trillion and two", me and Angel quietly whispered. Then we laughed so hard. "Ummm.. a thousand million trillion and two?", she asked. The whole class laughed way too hard that even the kids in the other room screamed, "SHUT UP!!". Remember I said I put apple juice on her and she didnt notice? Well.. now shes standing up. She literally stands up and screams! "AHHHH, I DID PEE". The whole class says eww! And ahhhh! And your dirty. And *sniff sniff* it smells like a flamingo. But that was her revenge.

Chapter 7: soon..


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