The Ghost Of My School Pt.4 Read Count : 47

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Chapter 3: one hour before. 
I was just coming into school. I thought I was late, because the doors of the school were unlocked. I walked in, no one was there. I decided to see if everyone was outside. No one was there. You know the story, but let's just vaguely do it. I walked down the path up to the bridge, something was floating in it, my boyfriend Hayden was. I cried, but I noticed the police were on their way, so I got spooked and ran, a ghost girl was following me. We left off, me still running. Ok! Let's go!
I ran scared for my was like a ghost town....I was running so fast, yet my life seemed so short now that I was being chased by an unknown being. I ran to Brandy's house. What..Meghan're not Meghan. Brandy says. Look I'd love to talk..but I need to hide I say. She opens the door, let's me in and says. What did you do this time? She said. N-Nothing....I said.. did you go to school? I texted you and told you school was out..lord..your stubborn. She says annoyed. Look. I say I went to school, yes....but...
But what?
I couldn't talk..I was paralyzed...just then I felt something hit me in the head, the last thing I saw was Brandy looking at me in an ambulance.
         What happened?....


  • Oct 10, 2019

  • Natosh Roy

    Natosh Roy

    nuce story

    Oct 10, 2019

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