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When they were young 
And in their prime 
Their song was song 
It was their time

They laughed- they sang and danced
Their time was for romance 
Life was bright and breezy 
It was relatively easy

With each other they did thrive 
We had not yet arrived 
When we happily were born there was joy in both their hearts 
Life did quickly change with a challenging new start 

Though the times may have been different one thing we all do share 
Emotions are within us
They’ll always will be right there

They define our varied feelings 
Our behavior too
That gift received -identical   
Within  both me and you

We tend to see our parents as we know them from our birth 
Providing- teaching- caring
The same all over earth

It isn’t always easy  
They too -will make mistakes 
The are learning just as we are
We all deserve a break 

Do not excuse extremes 
For those who never learned 
Respect and caring come with a price 
For all it must be earned 

Remember it’s important 
As you grow and you mature 
To look-at them as people 
You are the parents of the future 


  • Oct 10, 2019

  • Oct 10, 2019

  • Lil SoSo

    Lil SoSo

    Parents can be heartless people. but yes they re3 people........just a bit messed up people at times

    Oct 11, 2019

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