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Category : Poems

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"Life is tough in Std 10" seniors said
But we took it lightly.
"Life is disturbed it Std 10" seniors said,
But we took it as a joke. 
"Life is about each day hard work in Std 10" seniors said,
But we took it as a rumour. 

Plans made, timetable organized, targets set and we all started with a new journey of life - Std 10.
But everything was forgotten when school started. 
On the name of last year, enjoyments increased, outing plans increased, distraction increased and studies decreased. 
All plans, timetable, targets set were kept aside.
Parents, teachers, acquaintances were sitting back expecting alot from us. 
But we at time did not understand. 

Every week there was someone to motivate us,
But we did not understand it's importance. 

Finally, boards timetable arrived.
Heartbeats increased and expectations became more higher. 
That time some understood the value of time
But some were still fooling around. 

"Now we will be sincerely working hard without wasting our Time" students said with fear on their faces 
And then everything was rested in hands of GOD........!!! 


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