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       The last time I closed my eyes to go to sleep. I almost died. I live in an orphanage; my parents abandoned me when I was born. I am not really friends with any of the other kids, but that's okay. They don't like me for some reason. It's because, "I'm different." There is nothing wrong with me. I'm just not as playful or immature as them. They say I'm no fun. They aren't any fun either. I'd rather spend my hours reading than wrestling everyone. Plus, wrestling is dangerous. 

     I'm the only one who ever shows up to meals on time. I never get myself injured like they do. I also don't make as much noise or mess as they do. I'm just not like them. What's even stranger is that, we are all around the same age! 

   Last night, we had just gotten done with lunch. It was about one in the afternoon. As usual, the other kids sprinted off to go wrestle eachother. I was leaft in the kitchen to clean all their dishes. We were all assigned chores, but since no one else did theirs, I had to do them all. When I was done with the dishes, I went to my room and sat there for a little while. I noticed I was messing around with the emerald necklace I had. It was a gift from my father, that he gave me before he abandoned me. I rarely ever take it off. I was doing litterley nothing, until one of the other kids knocked on my door.  I got up to open the door. When I did, I saw a short, red headed boy named "James". 

  "Can I help you?" I aksed him. I knew exactly what he needed, but I asked him anyway.

  "John and Mary were wrestling, and now Mary is hurt!"
James told me. John was a medium height and tan boy with long, brown hair, and I don't think he's ever going to cut it. Mary was a short, skinny girl. She had long, curly, blonde, hair. John was by far, the most ridiculously immature kid here. Every single day, I hear, John hurt so and so and John did this and John did that .  John was normally the one who got in trouble, Miss.A, our gaurdian/ the orphanage owner, hated him.

   Mary on the other hand, was extremely easy to offend and she will do anything and everything she can to get us other kids in trouble. 

    I examined Mary's body for scars or bruises. I didn't see any, but I noticed she had her hands over her face.

    "Are you okay?" I asked her as I pulled her hands off her face. Her nose was bleeding and there was blood all over her face. "Woah!" I exclaimed. I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a tissue. I put it up to her nose and told her, "Take a deep breath, it's okay!" I put my arm around her and lifted her up off the floor than walked her to the bathroom. I turned the sink on and cupped my hand to get water in it, then I held it up to her face to wash it off. After about ten minutes, she was fine. I walked her to her room and told her she needed to rest. Then... This is when I had to talk to John....

       I walked up to John and crossed my arms, "Why would you do that?" I asked him with a disappointed look. 

       "Heh. We were just messing around..... I'm sure she will be fine!" He told me with a smile on his face.

       "Are you going to apologize to her?" I asked him.

       "I might." He told me. Might? He might apologize? I slapped him across the face then walked back upstairs to go finish my book. 

       Later when Miss.A got home, I explained to her how John and Mary were messing around, and Mary got injured. She talked to Mary and John and everything was back to normal.

        Later that night, I couldn't go to sleep. I noticed my necklace was glowing, "What the hell...?" I mumbled. I got up to go get water.  Then I noticed a door. This door was never here. I grabbed the handle and gently opened it, trying not to make sound. There was a dark hallway. I went to the kitchen and found a flashlight. I turned it on and aimed down the hallway. 

        The hallway was semi-narrow, but I could fit down it, because I was kind of skinny. It was kind of long. The walls and floors were painted black. I walked down it, it got wider the farther I went. Eventually I was in a dark room, my necklace was glowing again. I heard some sort of wisphery noise. Then it got louder, and louder, and louder. I couldn't tell what it said. It started to freak me out, I wiphed my body around to try to grasp the door. But it was gone

         I started to sweat. Then I felt a hand cover my mouth, I tried to push out a scream, but.... I was to lightheaded and to dizzy to scream. Then I heard a high-pitched, weird voice, say, "Hush, son." 




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