The Ghost Of My School Pt. 3 Read Count : 31

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Sub Category : Suspense/Mystery
Hailey's POV.
If I knew that one day I'd be so hurt by the death of my beloved, Hayden, I would have held on to his smile for as long as I could, I would have loved to have one more hug from him. What hurts more, was the day before his death we were in a big fight.

Chapter two: 1 day earlier.

I held logans hand into class. You might be wondering who is logan? He is my older Brother/ Hayden's bestie. Hayden was standing there waiting for logan to sit next to him. Hi. I say greeting Hayden. I sit next to Beth, one of my cousins. After class we head out to the school yard. I run off with Aiden, and Caiden (they are twins) Lukas one of my friends, comes up to me. Look. he says. I like you. And then as Hayden comes back, he kisses me. Sorry he said. I was dared to. And he leaves. Hayden's jaw drops, and Logan looks as if he is going to punch both me, and Lucas. Hayden walks up to me. Look he says. I knew you never actually liked me, like what are we grown ups? We are only in high school, right? A tear rolls out of my eye as he turns to walk away. I try not to go and punch Lucas. But as I start to walk away to hide, something starts pushing me towards Hayden. I try my hardest to fight back, but it keeps pushing untill finally it let's go. I turn afraid and run...there is something clear messed up about this school. Hayden just keeps his cool. How? I'm so hurt. But I keep running until I get across the bridge behind our school. There is always something floating in there, weird right? I keep running until I come up to this tree, I just sit there and try to hid. Meghan comes up and sits down next to me. But...there is something wrong with her...her hands are covered in blood and there is trace of blood across her face. I try to ignore it. She just sits there and doesn't say anything. After a while I decide to get up...but meghan is still sitting there like she's dead. I poke her. Oh my god! I scream Caiden runs up behind me. What's wrong sis? Then he sees she? I think so... Aiden has a teacher come over to see it. She called the police. I start crying, my

Hailey's POV:

If I knew I was going to lose the sunshine of everybody's day, I might have hugged her longer every day. I would have had more girl's days with her. I might have tried harder to keep her what?


  • Oct 09, 2019

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