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Marit walks a far distance  over to a cliff side by his village  and he sits there and watches the waves hit the rocks below. He feel alone, suddenly a ship flys over head of him,knocking him off his balance and back onto the ground and as he gets up he hears a boy call to him “Hi, What’re you doing out here all alone? Are you a bum?” says the mysterious boy “No, I’m not a bum, my name is Marit, good to meet you...” Marit pauses “Aldin, Aldin Pex, the greatest bounty hunter in the universe!” He says as he pulls out a toy blaster “Wanna play? I have an extra blaster?”. Marit replies in a shocked tone, “su-sure” He says as he reaches for the toy blaster. The two play as intergalactic hero’s saving the day and stopping crime. The day seems to pass by very quickly as they seem to have lost track of time, before they knew it it started to get dark and as they sat and caught their breathe they noticed smoke coming from the sky, specifically smoke coming from the direction of his village and home. He drops the toy blaster and runs as fast as his feet can carry him, for he feels a pain in his stomach, he feels death in the air, as he approaches his village he notices that man of the homes are on fire and the street contains some dead bodies, he shakes in fear as he continues to run towards his home. Bodies laid their maimed and cut down, he the approaches his home, the final house all the way down the village. Marit runs in and notices the door was wide up, he runs into the kitchen and there were his family, kneeld down at the feet of a red man with black markings all over him “RUN KID” Marit’s step father yells as he continuesly gets hit by the troopers in the corner. “Grab the boy” quickly yelled the red man. Marit is helpless and easily captured, now brought down to his knees as his family to be lined up in front of the man. The red man goes on to speaking an alien language that marit couldn’t understand and with a yell of anger towards the soldier as they took away the mother and baby brother, saying “Their DNA is a match for the program” hauling them outside.. the soldiers then turn towards, and with an angry and upset saying of “Imperfection” he uses his crimson light saber to slice the head off the sister. Marit is in shock “NOOO” he yells but the guards bunt with the end of their blaster “STAY DOWN” They say, as he trembles in fear and anger he notices the man reach his hand out and grey goo come out of it, it then slowly drags to his sisters head and reattaches as she rises herself up, no words being sad, just this lost look in her face, and he laughs  and strikes her down again. “Do you feel pain? Do you feel sorrow?” He says as he manically gets closer

Marit loses it, his vision blacks,and his rage takes over. The room shakes and everything that isn’t held down starts to float, Marit lets out a scream “AGHHHHHHH” And as his scream got more intense the floating object started to get crushed slower and slower, He brakes vases and uses the force to chip them into small sharp glass peice and launches em towards the red man. “Looks like I sensed right” as he uses his saber to cut away the debri, “And it seems that your connection to the force is great” as he uses his force ability to knock young Marit back and into the cabinets, in turn, knocking him out. “Maybe you will finally be the one...or just another...doesn’t matter to me, if you survive the program than we’ll see” he says under his voice to the small Marit. “Take the boy and place him in the recruitment room with the other children, as well as take the father and stuff him into a cell” He orders the guards “Sir, The baby won’t stop crying, want us to silence it?” The soldiers asked the boss with a firm loyalty to their leader, willing to do anything. “Yes but send him in a pod to the preset destination, If his brother is force sensitive then he must be as well, so he must be send to the Sith temple and raised in our ways” He replies “Yes,Darth Para-Sitos” The soldier says as he continues to walk away. Darth Sitos look around as he walked over to the radio to let it play, The music played on as he yelled at his guards “EXIT,I will be a moment” As the guards finish exiting the room he then starts to slowly sway while moving forwards and dance along with the beat. Sitos looks over,as if he knew something was hidden somewhere, he then Walt’s over to the back, When Sitos reaches outside he turns his head up,closed his eyes,and takes a deep breathe,In his nose,then exhales with his mouth. Darth Sitos then QUICKLY grabs his saber from his waist and activates it, he looks to the right of him then hurls the saber in a straight traveling motion, It cuts through the houses next to him and floats around the house in and out as if it was flying in a infinity sign through the house. The saber then flys back to its Sitos, He catches it in one quick snag and the sabers metal holster covered entirely in blood. “I feel the energies in that boy even now.... almost like I’ve sense this before”He pauses,almost as something just hit him, an idea a thought,or a memory.”....haha....AHAHHA” He laughs maniacally “maybe the old bag really did succeed.” As he walks back towards the front of the house a voice echoes in his head saying “I’ve discovered a way to....extend someone’s life span by a great margin. Reincarnation through the force” says the voice as he then hears his voice “Abusing the very light side of the force to bend it to the will of the dark side?” As the first voice quickly replies “perverting their teachings to meet my own goals, That is life young Dabaros”.

Darth Sitos then gets to the ship and sits within his room cross legged and meditated, this meditation wasn’t to find his inner self, this meditation is to hone his anger,his rage,and his pain all into power for him to use. He faintly hears a small girls crying yell “Daddyy” As he sits there and a couple tear rolls down his face but his eyes aren’t that of a man grieving, they are of a man with focus and intent. What does he intend to do? Spread pain and fear as far as he can before he perishes is that his teachings and power can be used by others to spread even more fear throughout the galaxy.


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