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What am I grateful for?

The material posession's that I've obtained? The ability to be humble, and practice humility? The appreciation of my employer, and peer's in my day-to-day through support, care, and opportunities given. The significant absence in urge to create another alcoholic footstep. That now, at 25 having a level head, to be goal driven, and a positive work ethic within.

A re-awakening, or,
a re-birth?

To have almost re-structured, and fix the kinks of flaw in self by merely dismissing a bad habit. The contrast from what is, and what was is drastic. To absorb what matters, and discredit that which doesn't. To really dig through current mindset to uncover self strong suits.

Looking inward at sequential thought of phases throughout life, acknowledging memorable obstacles along the way. Are the character molding period's in your life partially accountable for you are today? As if to close your eyes imagining a timeline of your life on a chopping block to take apart, and make sense of. Dot-to-dot connection.

Do you ever find yourself reflecting on your characteristics, and stature through an "Out of body" third person view? Are you impressed with what you see, do you see potential and growth?

Sifting through old pictures, do you ever reminisce on past mindset's? Stitching the mesh that is your structure. Pin-pointing notable times of change, and reason's why.

To be grateful; from what life has, and has yet to give us.

Look back,
Seeing the growth in life from individual standpoints.

Reflection is everything. 
Use a mirror, or the mind.

Being grateful, it requires the smallest amount of positivity.


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    Oct 09, 2019

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