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I am they pretty girl in the red dress im 16 but i dont really act like it i like like a women in there late 20s an old soul you can say one night i was alone looking for a little fun nothing harmful so i put on a pretty red dress high heels and i walked around and just found a place to seat in the park i had no idea what i was doing no idea of what could happen there was this men walking his dog so hot he look as if he was in his mid 30s  but age is just a number right so i went to go talk to him i walk over and said nice dog he said you little over dressed to be alone in the park dont you think i laugh and said i guess so just trying to find some one to have a drink and he laughed it late out do you need a ride home sure thanks im leah by the way of sorry i alex well nice to meet you alex so i walked with him for hours but age never came up so we talk and i said you know what ask im a person that take risk can i get you number yea sure it 4146664773 thanks alex your pretty cool you know that we get to his car and we are in back of my house my mom and father are gonna so i say you should park and come in you want me to come in said alex yes i do movie and cuddle with you and the dog it would be great okay so he parked the car and walk with me in we cuddled and watched movie it was great we fall  alsleep his arms was so warm around me so i kissed him and he kissed me back he said not to fast honey and kiss me good bye call me in the morning okay i will take you out ../........stay up for part 2


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