Falling In Love With An Older Men Read Count : 26

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Sub Category : Biography
people say it  wrong but why do everything wrong feel so right he 10 years older then me but i love him and i can tell he loves me ,the why his lips feel after a good morning kiss i can die for the way he way he hold me when he kiss me  one night we were in the room we were talking and the why his lips moved i just had to kiss him but this time it wasnt the same i can tell we was ready to move to the next level meaning sex so i did something i never did before i undid his pants and i slowly looked at him he 5 '8 white male with a tattoo on his arm he so hot to me he ask me are you sure you wanna do this i dont want to me=ove to fast for you i said im sure i wanna feel you baby so he truned of all the lights and the he started to kiss me again taking off all my stuff i ran my hands down his naked body he kissed me and slowly but his cock inside of me i moaned so load day it felt good with a little pain after i put my head on his arm and we kissed each other good night ... stay put for part 2


  • Leah Leah

    Leah Leah


    Oct 08, 2019

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