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It’s gratifying and satisfying 
When you reach out 
And someone reaches back
You’re not looking for” thank you’s”
But you knew you’re on the right track 

We are a brotherhood-a sisterhood 
We share each other’s lives
Some are doing very well
Some struggling to survive 

To know you are appreciated
To let them know you’re there 
Their message with sincerity 
Confirms that we all care

The communication varies 
Responses comes in spurts 
But reading their true feelings 
Reveals the ones that hurt 

We cannot solve these problems 
We’re there to give support 
The battles that we all do wage
Are very fiercely fought 

The goal I feel for all of us
Is to be a helping team
To work together to enhance our lives 
As hard as this might seem 


  • Oct 08, 2019

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