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     For extraterrestrials, the widely accepted conceptions of alien life come from a more positive viewpoint that involves two key traits: The first is a high-level of a technology which has not only allowed their race to travel great distances, but has freed them from the need for aggression towards other species. The second key trait is an expanded mental capacity or enlightenment through which aliens have achieved cooperation with other races. The first key traits we can find in movies such as ET the extraterrestrial and close encounters of the third kind, whereas the second we can see in any episode of Star Trek, where there’s peaceful inter-species interaction and or psychic abilities.

     Enlightened aliens are an inherently optimistic reflection of humanity. It’s our best qualities extrapolated into the far future. Our best hope for ourselves.

     Unfortunately, however, it is not likely when instead of looking up into the stars; we look at our own earthly species, particularly the vast number of insects and parasitic creatures, with their seemingly unreal ways of survival. With this in consideration, it’s far more likely for us to stumble across something very different from what we’ve seen in movies—family oriented and made by Steven Spielberg—but very similar to something that is already happening on earth, yet we forget or are not even aware of its existence.

     Chances are, we will unintentionally discover or one and two extraterrestrial beings that don’t fly around in shiny crafts of out of this world technology. Odds are they will be filthy, primal parasitic monstrosities that use similar ways of survival as the insects and microscopic viruses found on earth. It’s the same microscopic parasitic viruses whose very survival is contingent on its biological takeover of a host in an exploitation of its host species. But imagine a microscopic virus grown to be as big as a human adult, or perhaps bigger. 

     The fact is, these creatures could already be here on earth, eradicating our species in secret, while hiding in the best place for them to evolve in secret and take over the world with no one ever noticing. In deep contrast to the optimistic conceptions, these beings would penetrate our bodies in a vile form of rape, making it the ultimate pessimistic conception.

     What makes this so frightening is because of its familiarity. But it is entirely accurate with the western notion and fears of humanities most basic function—sex. 

     This is a creature that doesn’t come from the stars, but dredged up from the filthy and most basic truths of our existence; a look backwards at our primordial selves. I find this to be far more terrifying than any green or white-skinned, Gumby-looking alien in a UFO.


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