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Star Wars Universe based.

•(Takes about 200 years after the force awakens) Marit always knew he had a type of connection to things. He could feel the life around him,relaxing,stillness,and peace, a type of force, The force, but within that peace and stillness lied chaos,disorder,darkness. He always looked at life in its brightest form but knew that the real world around him was dark, manipulative,corruptive, and calling him. He did not heed the call. Then he lost his father, the person he looked up to, his role model, his hero. He never returned, and this filled young Marit’s heart was filled with sadness and rage. His mother could see the pain her boy was in, the pain in his eyes, the rage in his heart. Marit’s mother would always carry her son close to her heart, as to not let the world corrupt him. Until the day a ship Barring heads of droids chained onto different areas of the ship landed on planet. This takes place at the beginning of that day.

“Wh-Whats going on? Where am I?” says Marit and he looks around what seems to be some old modeled ship back from the clone wars. As he gets up he glances around the empty hull of the ship, he feels a presence, something cold, something dark. He hears the talking outside of the room and hides behind an old Pile of droid parts and accidentally knicks his palm on an old droid part “agh” he lowly held as it starts to drip, he pays no mind to it. In walks two soldiers that dawn all dark grey armor carrying in a woman in shackles. The soldiers throw down the prisoner, as she tries to get up and run out the room the guards grab her, once more tossing her down but this time hitting her with the bunt of their blasters, making sure she doesn’t choose to get up again. Marit sits there in fear. He didn’t know what was going on or where he was, all he knew is that he didn’t like the unsettling feeling this gave him. As he slowly works the nerve to walk up and help the lady In walks a tall dark figure, he wears a long black cloak with armor padded hands,chest and leg. He wears a short sleeve ,all black chest peice and his arms are coated entirely in tattoos. The right arms tattoo is a crescent moon with sharp ancient text writing all over it while the left arm is burned and by the way the skinned looked, melted but not to the point of no return. The left had what looks like to be a disfigured sun and shift and distorted marks on his arm that were no doubt ruined and melted around due to the mans injury. As the doors closed behind him and he walked towards the woman she pleaded with her face still faced towards the floor after being hit “Please....please...This isn’t suppose to happen..” as to the dark hooded figure replies “No please. No mercy. No more waiting. With this strike I shall finally put an end to weakness and attain true power.” He places his hand on his hip to go to draw a weapon, A crimson glowing scimitar blade, it’s curved inside edges having a small saw blade like pattern while outside edges have a smooth and sharp look to em, the swords draw Emites an aggressive vibration,almost like its yelling , the noise so clear it echoes in the room, and making the young Marit jump, he falls back and knocks over a smaller pile of droid parts by accident. The man looks back over his shoulder, Marit now still with fear as he sees the eye of the hooded figure glow through the pitch black darkness that the hood covers over the mans face. Yellow, angry, and with bloodlust. The man turns around towards the woman who is now looking up towards the young Marit. Marit notices something that makes his heart drop. This woman’s face resembled his mother. The dark figure says in a raspy,tired,but yet still strong voice, “Pain will make you stronger” and he raises his weapon and his mother yells “MARIT LOOK AW-“ but is cut off from what she was gonna say as the sword plunge at deep into her back,he draws it once more than takes her head off with one clean cut. As young Marit sat there in fear,anger,and sorrow he let out a yell. The room walls seeming to start to bend,his yell gets more intense, the droid parts  start to be compressed and squeezed into little balls of metal, the lights get destroyed and crushed, the only light in the room being the crimson glowing sword, the masked figure turns around and faces the young boy. He says nothing and in a quick, force launched leap, he pounced at the young Marit like a lion grabbing its prey, the shine of his weapon revealing his face to be half melted off with a silver coated pieces of skull and no lips on the left side of his face and shouted “RAAGH!”, and Marit who in his fear ,lost concentration  and was defenseless, closes his eyes.

Marit sits up with a yell, he is back in his room, the morning sun shining through his window and the smell of breakfast in the air,his baby brother Varnians cries, and his mother’s constant baby talk echo in the house . A dream? No. A nightmare. He sat in bed shaking thinking of those yellow eyes and that face he had,like he was maimed by fire, and that presence he felt in the room... It was like something was calling him. “Hey, you look like you seen a ghost. Gonna pee you pants?” He hears his sister Aniday say and she peers into the room. He tosses a pillow at her and says “I don’t pee myself!” As she wittingly replies “Yea, tell that to your pants” as he looks downs and notices a big wet spot on his shorts “Ugh” he says in disappointment. “Mom says come out for breakfast, you know, once your done cleaning up your little accident” she say jokingly. Marit gets up and heads to the bathroom to wash off and once he takes his shirt off and reaches for the water handle He looks over to his palm, and he notices a Knick slowly letting blood,Fresh,pulsating, fear inducing.

Marit shrugs it off. Ignoring it as if it never happened.

After Marit bath he gets dressed and head towards the kitchen to where his Mother is tending to his small half brother Varnian, who he calls Var for short. “Ma, when will Var be bigger like me so I can have someone to play with?” Marit says “Oh sweetie, why do you say that? what about your school friends?” Narnae replies. “They don’t play with me ever since the incident...they say it was my fault” he says sadily “That was not your fault!” She quickly replies “Those kids were picking on you and you defended yourself. What happened after that had nothing to do with you” she says as she brings him closer to comfort him. “Little shit probably pushed those kids infront of those speeders” said a voice down the hall, as his step father Bordius drunkenly walked towards the kitchen “Those kids know not to play around shipment routes, And it can’t be a coincidence that they all fell in front at once,Old man Talos said it looked like something pushed em, something FORCED them forward” he says as he takes another swig “Do not speak of my son like that!”Marit’s mother replies “The investigator said that the railings were old and weak and it collapsed” she said with even more ferocity in her voice. The young Marit walks out, feeling horrible for he feels like he cause the divide between his family as the slapping noise of his father laying hands on his mother echoes as he leaves the room scared and crying,followed by the crying of his small brother Bar. Marit felt alone. His family torn apart and no sense of direction. 


  • love it. it was so interesting and cool😍

    Oct 07, 2019

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