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If you read the latest chapter of my new book (thank you~) the note states that I need new characters. If you'd like to be in it please comment following this template~

Name(first and last if they have it):
Animal part (bunny, lion anythings good):
Reson they left home: 
Looks (keep it kinda basic):
Clothing (again keep it basic):

Thanks again!
But I do have to say a few thing's 
1. No duplicate animals (only one of each)
2.try to keep the reson they left home not to dark, although it can be pretty dark
3. They do not need a last name, but if they have one please list it 
4. Please keep it to real animals 
5. Character traits will sadly not be available for you to to pick. This is because I need to ensure all characters fit

Taken animals!


  • name: Rachel Matthews Age: 19 animal part: wolf Gender: female reason she left home: her parents were murdered, so she had to leave. Looks: Green eyes, red hair, red freckles. Clothes: black leggings/or ripped jeans. And a tank top.

    Oct 07, 2019

  • Oct 07, 2019

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