He Drank Too Much Cough Syrup (Bad Trip) Read Count : 34

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Toni has been having a hellish  couple weeks.
 he got fired from his job his girlfriend broke up with him his cat died and
he was low on food. With  that being

 said Toni had some down time so he drank two bottles of cough syrup and now i bet he wished he hadnt.

Thursday night  3:43 am  Toni lie happily  in bed thinking colors high from the multiple cough syrups. Rainbows were falling from the ceiling

 when suddenly he heard a loud banging and choking sound coming from the living room, He got up to see what it was and to his surprise there

 were two shadow men in the living room fighting.He observed with tears in his eyes 
One guy had the other one in a choke

 hold and was punching him in the back.Toni being mortified gasped and thats when the shadow men heard him and made a made dash like Batman out the room,

Toni  ran like lightning into his dark bathroom and locked the door, He watched the door as Kenny G played the piano or at least it seemed like he played the piano

Toni stared curiously at the dim lit beach and started to notice men made of brilliant neon maroon emerging from the water to the sand hand in hand 

Toni rubbed his eyes and ran out the bathroom into his large closet to his bedroom
everthing was normal there and the

 light was on as he sat down and tried to regroup,. This cough syrup was making itself known very much so Toni

 was becoming drowsy as he listened to harps play all around him. They sounded
beautiful. He opened his eyes and with confusion noticed that he was laying  in

 a field a very large one and he was not alone. At the end of he field sat a green pink and blue cat drinking orange water. From a squids head 

 He stopped in his tracks. This wasn't
making any sense.He closed his eyes to regain his sanity. It took awhile but
he was observing stars burning the

 color gray spinning in front of him. Like a television with no channel on it
He then giggled opened his eyes and rushed to the kitchen. He needed a

 glass of water.  As he poured his water Toni realized he couldnt handle the high and didnt want to be high anymore.
He finished his water and  poured

 himself another glass then headed to the backyard, He sat at his round  table and watched the little girls in their

 prayer circles carry out their siance. He drank too much cough syrup,

By.Toni Watson


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