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It’s one thing to lament about the way your life is being spent 
It’s another thing to try and change it

If you’re unhappy where you are just stop wishing on a star -stand up and start to rearrange it

It’s really up to you there is nothing one can do until you roll up your sleeves -are firm in your beliefs then begin to move in that direction 

Then the people who are there-the ones
who really care will stand beside you to support and guide you

It is not an easy task but to get what you will ask there a price that must be 
paid so be strong and don’t be swayed 

In the end if you don’t break - you may bend in changes wake you may see a 
reflection of that person you’ve been seeking 

The naysayers will look now that you’re 
an open book and are riding on that star
You once just wished for 

You have found some happiness with your  gift of new success and the wish that you did miss has given you much bliss with the confidence to build more for the future 


  • Reina Robles

    Reina Robles

    nice it heart touching

    Oct 07, 2019

  • Oct 07, 2019

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