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All relationships end on different terms. Sometimes, one of you holds on to some hope that your partnership will recover and that this is just a bumpy patch. Others try hard to stay friends, although it takes special circumstances for that to work.

Even if you swear you’re over your ex, part of you still lingers around the idea of getting back together. If you weren’t in control of the decision, you may also hope that one day your ex will wake up and realize what they missed out on.

But, don’t forget that every failed relationship will lead to an inevitable truth. Your ex will someday move on. Here are some of the signs, so that you don’t cause yourself any additional heartache.

They leave your texts on “Read.” There’s nothing more insulting than seeing someone has read your text but didn’t respond. Regardless of what was in that message, your ex is sending you a message that you’re not a priority. That means they either have their eye on someone else, or they’re just hoping letting you know it’s time to move on. If you officially ended things, you can’t be mad. It’s just what happens when people break up.

You’re no longer linked on social media. This might hurt, but it’s better this way. They may have done this to lessen the pain or maybe they met someone new, either way it doesn’t matter. The less you see of them on your feeds, the easier it’ll be for you to move on. Maybe someday you can re-add each other, but for now leave it alone.

They’ve returned your things. Even the things that didn’t have much monetary value, like your toothbrush or body wash. They don’t want any trace of you left. Just think—if the new person they’re seeing finds your affects, it’s not exactly a good look. Your ex is making sure that there’s no doubt.

They don’t react in the same way to private jokes. If you were together for a while, you develop inside jokes. The types of private phrases that got a laugh only you two shared. Now, when you text them references, their responses are cold and short. That’s not just a sign that your joke isn’t funny—it’s a sign they’re trying to leave you in the past.

Their family unfriended you on Facebook. Even if you had a great relationship with their family, seeing them disengage with you online is a strong sign that it’s time to move on. They’re trying to respect your ex and avoid potential future drama. It’s upsetting, especially if you were close, but that’s how it goes. Even if they’re sad about the breakup too, they know that blocking you online is the best way for them to heal.

They start being a little mean. Even if your ex was the nicest person in the world, something switched. They reached their breaking point and want to show you the relationship is over. At this point, talking to your ex further may tarnish the good memories. Cherish the good times and move on.

They’re in a new relationship. Each person we date is one step closer to the person we’re going to settle down with. If you’ve had to opportunity to meet your exes new partner and you share no similarities, it means they’re completely over you. It’s a harsh realization, but it needs to occur if you ever want to move on.

It’s not easy when your ex moves on, especially if you were once really in love. The sooner you face the facts, the easier it’ll be to move on with your own life. Someone else is out there that’s a much better fit. You just have to take the time to find them.


  • Oct 06, 2019

  • Oct 06, 2019

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