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First Meeting With Yoko

Dear diary,

I really hope that nobody reads my diary. Because I will write down secrets. First of all, I almost never have secrets. But things happened to me. I need to ask for help. But my situation seems too unrealistic.

So I decided to take research on it. It's taken me months.

But that's was worth it. Now, I can ask Yoko for help!

I have a problem with ghosts thingy. I think that I been haunted by the ghost. And I learned about Supirittoherupā.

Based on what I was learning, Supirittoherupā is extraordinary people that work for ghost-related. And I really want to get that person to help me.

On the website, it said that I can hire them in over a thousand dollars. I can understand it. It actually too unrealistic for everyone. But I do believe in ghosts, devils, and Supirittoherupā!

Plus, I do not mean to brag about myself, but I come from a rich family. So, a thousand dollars is nothing to us. I decided to hire someone in my local hometown.

I scrolled down until I spotted the familiar picture. A girl with black to brown pigtails. Serious but beautiful right eye with left eye covered with a white eye patch. She seems pretty young. Since she is too familiar to me.

I clicked her profile. I read down, she is 12 years old, in 8th grade. Her name is Yoko Yulia. A girl in my middle school! I don't have to email her! I am a lucky boy!

The reason I am lucky because it may my chance to be her friend! For a while, I know that she seems not a good student. But I think that she has the reason. Since my school has a lot of rude people. So I will understand if she only fights back if someone annoys her.

In my mind, it told me that she is a really good person. I really want to be her friend! So she can have a friend that will stay her side!

So on that day, I walking around, looking for Yoko. Since I can't pronoun her name. I try my best to call her name.

I walked into the hallway of lockers, I saw Yoko at her locker, changing her shoes. I was so happy to see her! I ran toward her. And tapped her shoulder.

We talked and I explained to her about my situation. She seems very strong and independent girl. With plenty of clever words to put pressure on. I understand why many people avoid and label her as a bad student. She is just too strong, can put you more pressure than your limit.

But, I really like her! She seems like a good friend to hang out with! She is so awesome! Why I do not make friends with her earlier? That what my regret is!

She dropped the flash of realization, she said that we are late. I do not even notice that we were talking that long. I give her a see you later wave while I walking.

She accepts to help me with ghost thing. I am so happy! I will give her $1,500 dollars! ($500 tip.)

I looking forward to being her friend!



    Oct 06, 2019

  • Oct 06, 2019

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