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Sub Category : Horror
This is hard for me, 
To bring back memories, 
My long - lost - friend,
How much it hurts inside 
How I don't want to eat at breakfast and supper, 
How I miss school days off, 
With misery, 
How I wish I could find her, 
Is she still alive?
Or is she alone, 
With nobody by her side? 
I feel sorry for her parents,
I feel sorry for her siblings, 
That they cope with this everyday,
How I wish I could see her again, 
In the same school, 
In the same class 
In the same desk, 
Besides me, 
My heart beats rapidly, 
Wanting to know what happened, 
Her family have kept the secret away from me,
I want to know!!! 
She's my best friend, 
And no one can replace her, 
As I go to their house, 
Once again, asking, 
Eager to know, 
I receive a note by her brother, 
He shuts the door on me, 
Hearing the sobs and cries from inside the door, 
I open the leaflet, 
It said :
Dear Katy, 
I know you want to know about your long, lost friend, Machelle, 
But she's gone away from the clouds, 
Away from the seas, 
Away from us, 
Away from you, 

In red words, with ink dripping down the end of the leaflet, 
It clearly said, 

Your sincerely, 
Machelle's family 

I screamed in pain, 
Why is this happening to me! 

Being in pain was the worst thing! 

I dug a small hole with a stick, and I put the note in! 

I remembered that same phrase 

"She's dead! There's nothing you can do about it!" 

It was said over and over in my head! 
" She's dead! There's nothing you can do about it!" 

Once again I repeated it, 
But I said two words, 
And those two words were, 



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