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A stubble filled chin 
dispensing weight of the skull
through the lower clavical on the hand
securing firmly the pad in which
the other orchestrates literary
fluency in edgy strokes of black ink
as retina's act as informative elevator's
allowing progressive thought
in whatever form the words of choice
brought by one's own lexicon
under constant analysis within segmented
thought being metaphorically pieced together as if they are figuratively acting as images of the mind reflected upon acting as properties of light spreading every direction through transmittantly pushing through worldly mindfulness across fragments of glass bound in acknowledgement that whatever word's chosen be bound by significance in the message being conveyed to be painted artfully though words of conjunction allowing the reflection in observation of self in further constructive growth.


  • Apryl McDonnell

    Apryl McDonnell

    Love it!! Thank you for sending this to me.

    Oct 06, 2019

  • Oct 06, 2019

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